Building a Practice Enterprise Network in Netherlands

Many young people experience the transition from education to professional practice as problematic. Students often lack the necessary skills to work in a company. This mainly concerns entrepreneurship and 21st-century skills (such as cooperation, information, problem solving and communication skills). This can lead to demotivation and insecurity among students and even lead to Early School Leaving (ESL). It is proven that the Practice Enterprise methodology is a solution to demotivation, ESL and negative experiences with education leading to large numbers of ESL or NEETs.

There are two main objectives of the PenNed project:

  1. Establish a model of Practice Enterprises (PE) in the Netherlands and establish a national PE organisation to support the VET-Schools in the Netherlands that are going to work with the PE pedagogy/methodology.
  2. PE 4.0

In the project we want to contribute to the discussions in the worldwide network by a description of possibilities for the model in the future (so-called PE 4.0).

Further the collaboration between education and the business world will be strengthened through the development of mentorships. A flyer for interested companies is available online and will be further adjusted and applied in the worldwide network.


Target Group
ESL, NEET, Unemployed - Adjustable to all Target Groups

Partner in the project

Project Duration

2018 PENNED Amersfoort 2
2018 PENNED Amersfoort 4
2018 PENNED Amersfoort 3
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