Commerical Trading Events

Commercial Trading Events are held in over 20 countries around the world and provide an opportunity for trainees to exhibit and market the products and services of their Practice Enterprise in a competitive marketplace to local and international colleagues. These events include Intensive Trading Events and Practice Enterprise Trade Fairs. From online and in-person events, smaller regional events to large international fairs with over 200 exhibitors, Commercial Trading Events allow trainees to put the marketing, communications, negotiations and global business skills they have leaned to the test.
Visit one of our events! Check out our updated Agenda of Commercial Trading Events.

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Enterprise Competitions

The Enterprise Competitions focus on different aspects of the operations of the Practice Enterprise and its departments. They are organized to support trainers and trainees of the Worldwide Practice Enterprise Network. The Enterprise Competitions vary from Sales Pitches, to Business and Marketing Plan Competitions. These help to test and evaluate different skill sets from critical thinking, problem-solving and creativity to leardership, resilience and sustainability. Trainees may find these competencies especially important for their entry into the real business world.
Please check the Events Agenda for all upcoming Enterprise Competitions.


Social Media Events

The Social Media Events are interactive and engaging events created for trainees of PEN Worldwide. These events are designed for trainees to test their creative design skills and their knowledge of the different social media channels – including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. Based on different requirements (time frame, type of post, language) and the assessment criteria (creativity and quality of the design and post itself, the number of likes and amount of shares) will all be evaluated. We differentiate between Social Media Competitions which focus more on how to work with Social Media tools and Highlight Events that "highlight" specific topics and how to market these, as for example diversity.
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Team Challenges

Team Challenges are unique business-related events for trainees of the Worldwide Practice Enterprise Network. Team Challenge events provide an opportunity for trainees to develop team-building, communication and presentation skills as well as to showcase their critical thinking and problem solving capabilities. Participating in international Team Challenges offer an excellent networking opportunity with trainees from Practice Enterprises from around the world and with business representatives from mentor companies and other professionals who serve as judges.

  • Global Enterprise Challenge (GEC) is a unique business-related case competition in which participants work in multinational teams to identify the challenges, opportunities and risks in a real-life global business.
  • Global Innovation Challenge (GIC) is one of the world’s most unique business-themed events. Trainees representing different countries work in multinational teams to solve a pressing global issue using design thinking principles.
Virtual Enterprises International's 2016 Youth Business Summit on April 18, 2016. (Photo: www.JeffreyHolmes.com)


PEN Worldwide holds Members Meetings twice per year in a different member country around the world, where representatives from more than 40 member countries gather to network, exchange best practices and benchmark ways of continuously improving the Practice Enterprise concept. Members Meetings have been held for over 25 years and 2018 marks the 50th Anniversary edition of our Members Meeting.
You are interested in opening a Practice Enterprise and you would like to join our global community? Reach out to our Development Team today!

Members Meeting Plovdiv Bulgaria 2018

We are looking for you! We want you to participate in our Trading Events, Challenges and Competitions as a judge or a mentor for our trainess. Check our Events Agenda for all upcoming events. Contact us today for more information!

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