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Network Development

Welcome to our network development projects page, where we focus on creating and nurturing connections that support entrepreneurship and business skills training for a wide array of target groups. Our projects are designed to empower youth, trainers, the unemployed, and marginalized groups and provide and inclusive training environment. Through these initiatives, we aim to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in the entrepreneurial and business world, preparing them for workplace success. Explore our ongoing and completed projects to see how we’re fostering growth and opportunity through comprehensive training and development.

MULTINA: Internationalisation@Home with Multinational Practice Enterprise

The MULTINA project developed an innovative model of the Practice Enterprise concept by creating multinational Practice Enterprise experiences for VET students. This allowed students to experience internationalization@home. They worked and learned live online with peers from other countries. This strengthened international cooperation, language, and digital skills. It also helped students understand international markets and work in an international environment.

The project offered virtual mobility by linking Practice Enterprises worldwide, creating a realistic multinational learning environment. The goal was to make the Practice Enterprise concept more flexible and inclusive. Trainees could experience international work-based learning in a safe environment that mirrored a real-world company.

The MULTINA project helped trainees gain insights into international business, marketing, and laws. They created business branches with VET students from other countries. This allowed them to experience the global interconnected business world. Trainees engaged in live work-based interactions with their international peers through a cooperative and inclusive multinational Practice Enterprise model.

PEN Worldwide (DE – Lead)
REEP Euro Ent’Ent (FR)
State Vocational Education Institute (SK)
IBC International Business College (DK)
Centro Studi Opera Don Calabria (IT)

Project Website:

BRIDGE: Practice Enterprise Cooperation with the Western Balkans

The main goal of BRIDGE: Bridging the Gap – Youth Work-Based Learning Cooperation with the Western Balkans is to enhance cooperation between Western Balkan and EU Practice Enterprises. This cooperation focuses on developing shared Practice Enterprise activities and events. It encourages sharing best practices among the partner countries and is creating a common cooperative activities program. This program can serve as a model for future regional cooperation.

The project aims to strengthen regional cooperation between Western Balkan national Practice Enterprise networks and their EU counterparts. The project also helps trainees in the Western Balkans understand the EU market, its commercial laws, and regulations. This understanding helps them adapt and fosters positive educational cooperation.

BUCT – Bulgarian Centre of Practice Enterprises, Ministry of Education and Science (BG – Lead)
PEN Worldwide (DE)
MESTI – Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation (XK)
ESC – Economic School Čačak (RS)
CSO – Centar Za Strucno Obrazovanje (ME)
CPCD – Center for the Promotion of Civil Society (BA)

Project Website:

PENNED: Building a Practice Enterprise Network in Netherlands

Many young people find moving from school to work challenging as they often lack key job skills. This includes skills in entrepreneurship and transversal skills like teamwork, handling information, solving problems, and communicating. This gap can make young people feel unsure and unmotivated. Sometimes, it leads them to drop out early. The Practice Enterprise method helps prevent these issues.

The PenNed project had two main goals:

  • Start a Practice Enterprise model in the Netherlands. Also, create a national Practice Enterprise organization to support vocational schools.
  • Plan for future improvements to the Practice Enterprise model. The project also built stronger links between schools and businesses in the Netherlands. It did this by starting mentorship programs. The Dutch Practice Enterprise model and tools are available to any Dutch school looking to implement Practice Enterprise in their curriculum.


Stichting Praktijkleren (NL – Lead)
PEN Worldwide (DE)
Fundación Inform (ES)
Stichting ROC Nijmegen (NL)
Stichting Gilde Opleidingen (NL)


Practice@Business: Integrating the Practice Enterprise in Portugal

The “Practice@Business” project was launched by OIKOS Portugal, PEN Worldwide, and Fundació Inform Spain. The goal was to adapt the Practice Enterprise methodology to Portugal, creating a tailored pedagogical model for young Portuguese NEETs (not in employment, education, or training).

The project began when OIKOS identified the need for this method during a training project for young NEETs, despite challenges in applying it directly in Portugal. Key project outcomes included:

  • Adopting the Practice Enterprise methodology in Portugal, setting up a national office to support other Portuguese organizations in starting their own Practice Enterprises.
  • Developing and piloting the Practice Enterprise model specifically for NEETs in Portugal, enhancing their employment opportunities. The model was disseminated across Portugal, encouraging organizations to adopt the approach for working with young people.


Oikos (PT – Lead)
PEN Worldwide (DE)
Fundació Inform (ES)


Azerbaijan: Social Protection in Azerbaijan with Practice Enterprise

This project, financed by the World Bank, was part of the Social Protection Development Project’s Labour Market Reform in Azerbaijan. Its main goal was to enhance interactive learning, develop business skills, and introduce university students to real business and labour market environments through the Practice Enterprise concept. The project had these specific goals:

  • Create a customized Practice Enterprise model for Azerbaijan that fit the educational and employment needs, aligning with national strategies and reforms. Develop comprehensive implementation plans for services, including trainer and service provider training.
  • Assist the Ministry and Universities in launching and monitoring Practice Enterprises, training trainees, evaluating performance, suggesting improvements, and preparing for broader application of the model.


PEN Worldwide (DE – Lead)
Khazar University (AZ)
Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population (AZ)
Azerbaijan State University of Economics (AZ)
ORT France (FR)
SU Asen Zlatarov (BG)
Vocational Education and Training Centre Zirmunai (LT)


CSC: Civil Society Operating Grants

PEN Worldwide, a non-profit civil society association dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship education, has been awarded funding through the European Commission Civil Society Operating Grant (CSC). This grant supports PEN Worldwide’s initiatives to provide essential training to young people. The funding aims to enhance work-based training for youth, enabling PEN Worldwide to expand its outreach and impact, ultimately empowering young people by equipping them with the skills necessary for success in today’s dynamic economic landscape.

PEN Worldwide (DE – Lead)