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Volunteering, Mentoring and Sponsorships

PEN Worldwide is a non-profit association that enhances practice-based entrepreneurship education. Members actively share their expertise within the network. The Association offers flexible ways for companies to support our trainees through local or international engagements as for example through volunteering, mentoring and sponsorships.

Does your company have a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program? Or maybe you want to get involved yourself as a volunteer, business mentor, or judge? Take the opportunity to engage with the Practice Enterprise community and support education, workforce reintegration, and social inclusion.

Help our trainees advance their personal and career goals by getting involved today. Click on the bubbles below to find out more about the volunteering, mentoring, and sponsorship opportunities in our network!

Mentoring, Volunteering and Sponsorships at PEN Worldwide
Project Partnerships

Got a project idea that aligns with the Practice Enterprise concept? Looking to set up a Practice Enterprise network in your country? Looking for partners for work-based learning, knowledge exchanges, or strategic alliances?

We’re always looking for partnerships to support our members and meet our association's goals. We collaborate with educational institutions, training centers, ministries, chambers of commerce, and other stakeholders in projects beneficial to our Practice Enterprise community.

Event Volunteering

Together with our national partner networks, we organize events including Practice Enterprise Trade Fairs, Competitions and Challenges. These are opportunities for collaborating with our community. Our team is always looking for volunteers who can dedicate a few hours. Volunteering at our events offers a chance to engage in dynamic and impactful events. If you're interested in making a difference for our participants, we encourage you to volunteer.

Competition Judging

Our events always benefit from the expertise and insights of experts from the business community. From judging Challenges, Elevator Pitches, or Social Media Competitions, your involvement is invaluable. Your participation enhances the quality of our competitions, and provides critical feedback that helps shape the skills of young entrepreneurs. Your involvement is critical to our success!

Business Mentoring

Discover the enriching opportunity for your company to mentor a Practice Enterprise. Your company can directly participate in the training, and identify potential employees. Each company has unique needs and priorities, and mentoring can be aligned with your company's goals.

Get involved today and help grow and develop our future workforce and shape the careers of our future workforce.

Training our Trainers

We aim to provide the best and most up-to-date support to our Practice Enterprises. We organize continuing training sessions for our worldwide members to exchange ideas, share best practices and introduce new tools.

We're always looking for experts from the business world to provide insights on topics such as entrepreneurship, work trends, digitalisation, HR, diversity management, and more.

Corporate Sponsorships

Our Association is funded by membership dues and project-based funding, with proceeds directly supporting our Practice Enterprise programs. This includes support from the European Commission, World Bank, EuropeAid, USAid, UNESCO, ETF, and other international bodies.

Contact us to set up a custom sponsorship opportunity. Financial support is always appreciated to help achieve our non-profit goals. Consider making a tax-deductible donation, or contact us to become a sponsor for the Worldwide Practice Enterprise Network.

If you’re passionate about empowering young people and job seekers, join us and help make a difference. Contact our Team to learn how you can help our trainees continue their lifelong learning. Your involvement can help shape their future – get involved today and start making an impact!