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Worldwide Practice Enterprise Network
Buiness and Entrepreneurship Training Tailored to the Needs of Tomorrow
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What We Do

PEN Worldwide supports education and training organisations to deliver work-based training in business and entrepreneurship skills using the unique Practice Enterprise ‘learning-by-doing’ methodology. The Worldwide Practice Enterprise Network empowers trainees through work-based skill and competency training tailored to the needs of tomorrow. 

Why is the Practice Enterprise Concept ideal for Entrepreneurship Training?

Work with an ETF Award Winning Best Practice
The European Training Foundation (ETF) awarded PEN Worldwide and the Practice Enterprise concept their top rating and one of the four internationally recognized Best Practices for youth business skills and entrepreneurship training.
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Create Connections and Work with Business Mentors
Practice Enterprises can collaborate with a business mentor from real-world companies that gives advice and ideas, shows how a business operates, and gives access to real-world products and services for commercialisation within the Practice Enterprise economy.
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Train Digital Skills and Competences
The Practice Enterprise provides a learning-by-doing experience to train and improve digital skills and competences using a variety of IT tools - from ERP systems to Social Media and Marketing applications.
More on Digital Skills Development
Participate in Research and Funding Projects
The PEN Worldwide Coordination Center and its National Networks are always looking for innovative projects to build on our business and entrepreneurship training programme. We participate in projects funded by groups including Erasmus+, ESF Funds, World Bank and more.
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Provide Real-World Business Training Experience
A Practice Enterprise is a trainee-run company that operates like a real business. It employs a real enterprise's business procedures, products and services. A Practice Enterprise resembles a real company in its form, organisation and function.
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Easily Transfer the Concept to Other Target Groups
The Practice Enterprise concept can easily be transferred to different target groups and various training focuses incl. logistics or marketing. Benefit from our broad experience transferring Practice Enterprise to new target groups, new countries and new regions.
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PEN Worldwide Community

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How do I get started?

Whether you’re already acquainted with our innovative learning-by-doing training approach and Practice Enterprise concept, or just embarking on this exciting educational journey, we’re here to guide you through every stage. Our process includes careful validation and verification procedures to ensure all members meet our criteria, while offering an accessible yearly membership fee.

If you’re passionate about empowering youth, job seekers, and disadvantaged individuals, we invite you to explore our membership opportunities. Join us in creating pathways to successful training and employability. Connect with our Coordination Center Team today to learn how you can get involved and make a significant impact with Practice Enterprise.