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Our Coordination Center

Our Coordination Center is the international office of PEN Worldwide. Our team pilots the worldwide network and ensures the promotion and harmonization of the concept's educational practices in schools, universities and training centres around the world. The Coordination Center provides the first point of contact for everyone who is interested to open a Practice Enterprise, join the international network, create a project consortium or who has any enquiries about our international membership. Our team is open and available to provide information and answer any questions you may have about the dynamic Practice Enterprise concept.

Meet Our Contact Team

Scott Mitchell is our Executive Director. Scott is from Canada and is fluent in English and French. Before becoming the Director of PEN Worldwide, Scott was President of the Canadian Practice Enterprise Network. Scott has many years’ experience in the field of vocational skills training for companies, job seekers and students.

Scott Mitchell

Laima Bartkenaite is our Operations Coordinator, providing administrative and operational support to our network as well as supporting with project and marketing activities. Laima is from Lithuania and successfully graduated with a Master in Business Administration & Economics in Germany. She fluently speaks Lithuanian, English and German.


Svenja Zenz is our Head of Marketing & International Development Manager. Svenja is from Germany and has worked in New Zealand and Australia. Besides new member development and outreach, she also is responsible for our print and digital marketing. Svenja is happy to assist in English, German, Spanish or French.

Svenja Zenz

Victoria Hädler is our Engagement & Events Coordinator. Vicky is from the Czech Republic and has spent time studying in Malaysia and China. She enjoys traveling and handles project coordination and member communications. She is a true language affectionate speaking English, Czech, German, Chinese, French and Spanish.

Victoria Hädler

Nayeema Sadeque is our .NET Developer and System Administrator. Nayeema is from Bangladesh and has studied in Australia and Sweden. She is responsible for our software and applications and for IT development. Speaking Bengali and English fluently, she also impresses with good German and Swedish.

Nayeema Sadeque

Margarida Guilherme is our Project Coordinator. Margarida is from Portugal and has lived in different parts around the globe, including Russia, Uruguay, and Poland. She successfully graduated with a Masters in political economy, writing her thesis on European Union funded projects. She can assist you in Portuguese, English, Spanish and she is eager to keep learning German.

Margarida Guilherme

Our Managing Committee

Our Managing Committee is our oversight board, comprised of Central Office Managers, that change each year on a rotational basis. The Managing Committee helps to guide the key activities relevant to the current and future direction of our network and concept. The Managing Comittee offers key insight to improve the quality of our network and to strengthen the interaction and connection between our international partners. The association has Members Meetings that take place twice a year in different member countries, coordinated by the Managing Committee. The committee also is responsible for representing the association on a legal basis and for calling and planning the Members Meetings.

Paw Hoff Jørgensen is the Director of the Danish Central Office for Practice Enterprises SIMU Learning. SIMU Learning is part of International Business College - one of the largest VET providers in Denmark with almost 20,000 students per year. Paw Hoff Jørgensen is President of the PEN Worldwide Managing Committee.


Jean-Marc Hetsch has been the IT & Finance Manager at the French Central Office, REEP Euro Ent’Ent., since 1996. With extensive experience in the field of IT development, international collaboration, business management and pedagogical and digital skills, Jean-Marc is the Vice President of the Managing Committee. He is happy to talk to you in French, English, German and Alsacian.

Jean Marc Hetsch

Maria Benages is the Head of International Projects and Communication at Fundació Inform, the Spanish Central Office. She has extensive experience in the field of VET skills and international projects for VET schools, unemployed adults and ESL as well as working with other target groups.

Maria Benages

Our National Office Managers

Our Members are located around the world in countries that have a national network of Practice Enterprises. In the Practice Enterprise world, our national members are also called the national Central Offices. These Central Offices provide all essential macro-economic functions and support operations which are expected to be available to the business world to create a complete economic simulation for Practice Enterprises in their country. Our member networks are either a national government department, a national non-profit association or foundation, or based in a school in their country.

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