Guilherme Braz_trainee_Brazil

Guilherme Ude Braz

Trainee, Brazil

"The Practice Enterprise program was my introduction to the workplace, giving me a bias for execution and a passion for my clients that I wouldn't have otherwise. It was a great experience that I highly recommend for any young professional starting a business career."

Vanessa USA BNP

Vanessa Chrifi Alaoui

Associate, BNP Paribas, USA

"I am excited to share my experience with these talented and engaged group of young entrepreneurs. Participating in a Practice Enterprise project and knowing the positive impact we can have on their future is one of the most rewarding opportunities I have been given."

Marianne Thyssen

Marianne Thyssen

European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labour

“I want Vocational Education and Training to become a valid 'first choice' for both young people and adults. I truly believe that VET provides a stepping stone for meaningful careers and fulfilling lives. ...”

Intan Sofea_trainee_Malysia


Trainee, Malaysia

"To me, the Practice Enterprise program can be considered as a starter to my business career and a big chance to develop my skills and knowledge in entrepreneurship. The PE program helped me to increase my communication and gave me the confidence I needed."

Daniele Gualdi_trainer_Italy


Trainer, Bologna University, Italy

"In Practice Enterprise, trainees’ theoretical knowledge is immediately enacted in the training process. The aim is to generate new knowledge and to develop appropriate competences with autonomy, responsibility, and problem-solving approaches."

Maureen Headshot_

Maureen Gillan-Myer

Executive VP, HSBC North America

“PE is unique in its way of preparing today’s youth for jobs of the future - some of which have yet to be invented. While technological skills are important for those careers, higher cognitive skills are vital, and are attributes honed through the PE program.”

Nikola Popnikolov_trainee_Bulgaria


Trainee, Bulgaria

“PE program is the first contact with the real business environment. It gives good understanding of what it takes to complete tasks on time, take responsibilities, report performance, and collaborate with others. It's advantage when you start looking for your first job.

Ramon Sanmiquel_trainer_Spain


Trainer, Spain

"Concept for learning real things instead of having traditional lessons just for passing a test. Practice Enterprise is learning in a fun way, doing real things and taking real experience without being in a real company. The best ever way of learning!”

Hannelore Kraft


Former Prime Minister of the German federal state North Rhine-Westphalia

“A reliable, practice-oriented education is the most important basis for a successful start in a profession. It is exactly this goal that the Worldwide Practice Enterprise Network, founded in North Rhine-Westphalia, has pursued for more than 50 years."

Jasmine Andrews Trainee USA

Jasmine Andrews

Trainee, Florida, USA

“I never felt as empowered as I have during my year in a Practice Enterprise program at Thomas Jefferson High School in Tampa in Florida. The Practice Enterprise is a program that uncovers our strengths and fuels our passions.”

Karen Matthyssens_trainer_Belgium

Karen Matthyssens

Trainer, VDAB Antwerp, Belgium

"Learning-by-doing motivates trainees. Exercises in a book are one thing, integrating them in a business context on concrete levels is another. Trainees plan, decide about priorities, manage their time and communicate with colleagues and managers.”

Simone Baldassarri2_supporter

Simone Baldassarri

Policy Officer, EU Entrepreneurship

"Programmes like the Practice Enterprise are key for building more entrepreneurial skills in Europe,
and contribute to achieving the goals set by the Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan."

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