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Getting Started with Practice Enterprise

Are you at an educational institution or adult learning centre and looking to enhance the practical training for your students and trainees? Looking for ways to integrate business-based and entrepreneurial skills training into your curriculum or training programme? Looking for an innovative, well-rounded programme including transversal and business skills acquisition? The Practice Enterprise checks all these boxes, and is the ideal concept for work-based practical training.

The Practice Enterprise model aligns with business community needs, and offers a dynamic and innovative learning approach. It offers a real-world business learning environment. Furthermore, our concept allows participants to develop skills and competences actively and learn about the market and economy through practical work experience. Therefore, the concept encourages interaction between trainees, both nationally and across the world, creating a global business experience for our participants.

PEN Worldwide Membership and how to get started

Mission and Membership

Our mission is to support, coordinate, and enhance the efforts of our local and national networks. We promote the Practice Enterprise concept worldwide. Our proven and innovative work-based learning-by-doing methodology can be adapted to target groups. These include students, unemployed adults, persons with disabilities, and workforce retraining.

As a non-profit association, we’re funded by member dues, project funding, and dues from associated institutions, ensuring that membership remains affordable. Membership fees are determined by our members on a tri-annual basis, reflecting our commitment to keep education accessible. Thus, the operational costs for setting up a Practice Enterprise, for example expenses for trainers and facilities, are assumed by each institution.

Interested in finding out what it takes to start a Practice Enterprise, our membership requirements and dues, or for more information about our worldwide network? We collaborate with experienced organisations including institutions, ministries, chambers of commerce, non-profits, foundations, and educational associations. Together we promote and build cooperation with our worldwide network, to develop and build work-based education for all.