HEIPNET Project Results

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1. Manual for PE Concept Implementation in HEIs

Starting and teaching a Practice Enterprise (PE) is a challenging task for the trainer – whether at a Higher Education Institution, at school or at other training institutions. This handbook provides a research-based insight into the method of PE and offers a guideline for trainers at Higher Education Institutions, who are new to the method.

2. Guide: PE Partnership with Real Businesses

This guide is designed for Practice Enterprise (PE) trainers, students and business leaders who are interested in engaging in PE-business partnerships. Partnership programs can encompass a wide variety of activities. They may involve staff development, curriculum development, policy development, instructional development, guidance, mentoring, tutoring, incentives and awards, or they may provide material and financial resources. Though the types of partnership activities can vary widely, the common goal of PE-business partnerships is to improve the educational experience.

3. Recommendations for PE Curriculum Improvement

At university and other HEI Practice Enterprises, students are given opportunities to acquire a variety of skills and gain practice-based knowledge such as management skills, analytical skills and gaining an entrepreneurial mindset. Practice Enterprise students get insights into the organizational structure of an enterprise and they are given opportunities to work in different positions and to take decisions independently - as students, as employees, as managers of the enterprise.

4. Database for PE & Business partnerships

One of the key benefits of the Practice Enterprise concept is its connectivity to real-world companies and the connections between Practice Enterprises themselves. These connections provide the global economic environment which makes the PE concept unique in its representation of a real-world market and real-world business concepts. The Database for PE and Business Partnerships allows HEIs with PEs and those looking to implement the concept with a database of current real-world mentor companies as well as a database of current PEs in HEIs from across Europe and around the world.

The HEIPNET project has built platform sites and documentation to assist HEIs in navigating these databases as well as creating new databases and data management portals for finding partner HEIs. All databases follow GDPR requirements in Europe and are available via secured login to all Practice Enterprises in the network's database. These databases are continuously being updated and improved.

The following Downloads present visuals and information on the Database for HEI Practice Enterprises and Business Partnerships that has been built during the project.

5. Practice Enterprise HEI Concept Synopsis

In this booklet you can find all results of HEIPNET project summarized:

  • Practice Enterprise Implementation in Higher Education Institutions;
  • Practice enterprise partnership with the real business guide;
  • Recommendations for Practice Enterprise curriculum/module improvement;
  • Practice Enterprises and Business Partnership Database.

Are you working at a university or other HEI and wish to implement the Practice Enterprise concept into your institution's curriculum? Introduce your institution and goals via the contact form below and the HEIPNET Consortium is happy to support you!

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