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Best Practice Award in Entrepreneurship Training

In 2016 the Practice Enterprise concept was designated as one of two internationally recognized Good Practices in training for Youth Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Skills by the European Training Foundation, adding to its previous designation as a Best Practice by the European Commission.

For the purposes of identifying the good practices in the ETF project, a selection panel audited the methods and tools used by the good practitioners in the following areas:

  1. training needs analysis
  2. design of training and delivery arrangements
  3. monitoring, evaluation and improvements
  4. measuring impact of the training
  5. sharing of experience, including how the good practice is marketed.

An important feature of the ETF good practice assessment was that training provision is critically reviewed by other training professionals working in the same field. For example, experienced trainers in youth entrepreneurship critically review the training provided by fellow trainers of youth entrepreneurship. The peer review involved an in-depth scrutiny of the Practice Enterprise training practice. It identified the strengths and weaknesses as well as the opportunities of Practice Enterprise to improve the training programme. The real value is that the peer review was undertaken by training providers with expertise and know-how in the same field. Equally, the peer reviewers had the opportunity to learn at first hand from the experience, know-how and innovation within the Practice Enterprise.


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2016 ETF Policy.Practice Forum 1
2016 ETF Policy.Practice Forum 2
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