VET Teaching Skills Portfolio

The project WEDEVET “Developing VET Teaching Skills – Leading the Success of Tomorrow’s Students” was a 15-month KA2 Strategic Partnership project that started in December 2019. As a result of the pandemic the project was prolonged until fall 2021.

The success of Vocational Education and Training (VET) training outcomes is closely aligned with the quality of the teaching and training provided. Therefore, the VET teacher experience is the defining characteristic of the learning experience. The WEDEVET project reviewed the material, related to team building, leadership and influence skills competencies, adapted and tested it in the Practice Enterprise and practice-based education system environment.

In the didactic Practice Enterprise concept, the roles of the teachers, trainers and lecturers and the students differ strongly from those in the traditional teaching-learning processes. The Practice Enterprise trainer is the general moderator of the company, guiding the trainees as employees to meet the Practice Enterprise’s business plans and budgets. The Trainees are the employees in the company. Some are appointed as directors, line managers for a part of their training and development whereas teachers act as guides and advisers of the company’s “employees”.

Target Groups:

  • VET Teachers/Trainers working with Practice Enterprise methodology and practice-based training
  • VET Teachers
  • Other Stakeholders: VET schools, Colleges, HEIs, other institutions with Practice Enterprises and practice-based training

Project Objectives Accomplished:

  • review literature, best practices, development, and implementation of similar initiatives and programs and conduct a gap analysis and needs assessment to promote VET teachers skills with the use of Practice Enterprise and practice-based learning and teaching models.
  • develop material for VET Teachers, in order to foster the development of their competencies, to form the knowledge base-ground of team building, leadership and influence skills.
  • disseminate the created material to relevant multipliers and support its further promotion, implement online activities targeting the wider society in all partners countries, EU and worldwide through various channels.

Project Result: The VET Teacher Skills Portfolio. The Guide for VET teachers and trainers on how to acquire team building, leadership and influence skills and to be able to transfer these skills to students. The project also worked out the material for acquiring management competencies which most teachers lack.


Target Group
Trainers, Teachers, VET School Staff, HEIs

Partner in the project

Project Duration

2020-06-04 (4)
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