The Practice Enterprise in Higher Education Institutions

The project HEIPNET “Inclusion of Innovative Work-Based-Learning and Business Partnerships in Higher Education Institution Curricula Development” is a 26-month KA2 Strategic Partnership for Higher Education project that commenced in October 2019 which due to the pandemic has been prolonged for 5 months until May 2022. The HEIPNET project’s aim is to integrate and combine academic knowledge with practical experience in HEI curricula so that students are enabled to develop attributes for the future workplace and increase their employability skills. The Practice Enterprise concept will be supported, promoted and scaled to curricula of Higher Education Institutions in the EU and strong strategic links between Practice Enterprises and businesses will be built using work-based learning methodology. The key target groups addressed are:

  • Trainers/ teachers/ practices organizers/ HEIs
  • HEI Students
  • Business representatives
  • Further Stakeholders: Practice Enterprise Central offices, other educational institutions, etc.

The methodology applied in the project will promote education and business synergy and create appropriate conditions for interaction of trainers, students and business. The HEI benefits include building links with businesses, a better understanding of employers’ requirements with respect to graduate skills, active work-based learning programs for the students in Practice Enterprises. For businesses there is an opportunity to contribute to the study programs and future employees’ development. This can contribute to higher quality of education and training and support permeability between the different education and training pathways. A transnational project would offer to combine the expertise of national experts in their field to further develop the teaching and learning setting.

Main Project Objectives:

  • To improve the PE curriculum/module by updating its content according to the needs of the labor market and the strategy of the educational institution.
  • To develop a syllabus and manual of reference which can be used for new HEIs interested in implementing the PE concept and tools.
  • To strengthen the partnership between universities, their PE and Business world.

Project Results:

  • A manual of reference which will be used for new HEIs interested in implementing the PE concept and tools.
  • A Guide for “Practice Enterprise partnerships with real businesses” for Practice Enterprise trainers (set of innovative pedagogies) and students (set of recommendations, examples, etc.) and companies.
  • Database for companies from the real business world (online tool): The HEI database will be a new part of the existing Practice Enterprise database and will be designed for HEI Practice Enterprises and business mentors who are interested in engaging in educational-business partnerships. It will increase Practice Enterprise concept awareness and recognition among HEIs and across the business world.
  • Recommendations for improvements of Practice Enterprise module(s) /curricula of different study programs in HE.

All Intellectual Outputs are publicly available at the designated HEIPNET project page. This page will continue to be updated and further downloads in different languages will be added.

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