The Practice Enterprise for Leadership Skills Development

The FETLED project has reviewed material related to leadership and management competences, adapted and tested it in the Practice Enterprise environment. The research work was based on which core leadership competences can be developed and focused on during the Practice Enterprise training. FETLED provides a catchy and engaging way for examining the nature of leadership competences, with great attention and awareness of socially responsible business. That comes from the fact that a people in VET training systems are young people and they have less opportunities to gain knowledge in this field compared to those coming from Higher Education systems.

Project Objectives:

  • Review the literature, best practices, development and implementation of similar initiatives and programs and conduct gap analysis and needs assessment to promote entrepreneurship and leadership skills, with use of Practice Enterprise.
  • Develop material for trainees, in order to foster the development of leadership competences, to form the knowledge base-ground of being a socially responsible person, to improve level of skills for employability and new business creation.
  • Disseminate the created material to relevant multipliers and support its further promotion, implement online activities targeting the wider network in all partners countries.

Project Outcomes:

Practice Enterprise “Leader SkillBox”. It is a guide for trainees on how to acquire leadership abilities while working in the Practice Enterprise and evaluate the leadership skills on different levels.

The “Leader SkillBox” includes:

  • Questionnaire
  • Results
  • Results Interpretations
  • Results According to Leader Competencies
  • Material for Improvement

The “Leader SkillBox” is now available in English and for download below. The translated versions of the “Leader Skillbox” are available in German, Spanish, Lithuanian and Bulgarian.

On the 17th of January 2020, the final conference “Strong Leadership – Sustainable Future” took place with interactive presentations by all consortium members, trainees, trainers and external business representatives. Find the article on the “Strong Leadership – Sustainable Future” conference online and get in touch with for further information.


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