Practice Enterprises for Youth - Transitioning Early School Leavers

The Practice Enterprise education and training system can help to reduce obstacles to completing compulsory education, thereby reducing Early School Leaving. This project focused on the cooperation for innovation in the fields of Practice Enterprises, as well as the exchange of good practices between partner country schools and the establishment of Practice Enterprises targeting early school leavers in project schools.

The Practice Enterprise model designed for the project was an innovation in the area of early secondary education because it is adapted for experiential learning of students in the first years of secondary education who have a higher risk of early school leaving. There were four main purposes for operating the pilot project:

  1. The first was the establishment of an interactive interdisciplinary training program oriented primarily to the personality of the student.
  2. The second was to transfer knowledge by carrying out activities typical for a real enterprise and the creation of relationships within the Practice Enterprise and others from the national and international network.
  3. The third was the acquisition of professional and technical skills in the fields of economy, information and communication technologies, the use of language to meet the needs of administration and business communication, as well as social skills and ability to work in a team.
  4. Lastly and equally important was to stimulate the development of entrepreneurial spirit and the creation of key competencies, including offering students a better understanding and perception of job market opportunities, to offer a forum to learn by doing and making mistakes, to show initiative in generating business ideas and operating a business.

The final objective of the pilot course was the training for the teachers. This included preparing teachers and school leaders to organize the work for Practice Enterprises, taking into account the needs of students. It also included the development of an operational plan under which the lessons were conducted within the scope of the Practice Enterprise. Each pilot school successfully launched and is currently operating a Practice Enterprise.


Target Group
Youth, Early School Leavers

Partner in the project

Fundació Inform (ES)
El Vendrell City Council (ES)
IES Mediterrania (ES)
Istituto Don Calabria (IT)
SOU “Asen Zlatarov” (BG)
Vilnius College (LT)
Kauno Tito Masiulio jaunimo mokykla (LT)

Project Duration

2015 ESL Kick Off 5
2015 ESL Kick Off 1
2015 ESL Kick Off 2
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