The Practice Enterprise for Entrepreneurship Education for Youth

It is always challenging for the trainer to connect academic content to real-world projects. The Practice Enterprise methodology provides a forum for the trainee to do so, and develop skills in entrepreneurship, problem-solving, decision-making, time management, public speaking, teamwork and technology.

Financial literacy is another key skill and very important to learn at a young age. It helps trainees to understand the value of money, investment, purchase power, negotiating, planning and budgeting. The IMPEET – Innovative Method to Promoting Entrepreneurship Education to Teenagers – Practice Enterprise program covers a full financial overview and literacy for students. This is often their first experience managing money. Perhaps most important, it helps to build awareness about a variety of careers and occupations and to convey the expectations of the workplace and develop professional behaviors.

The aim of the project is to enhance the Practice Enterprise (PE) model to contribute to the development of entrepreneurship education, combining this model with INSPIRE – 7 strategies for ending violence against children (developed by World Health Organization) at an earlier stage in schools for students, aged 12-15.

The project objectives are:

  1. To provide general education schools with an innovative framework of Practice enterprise model to develop entrepreneurship competencies to 12-15 year old students.
  2. To provide general education schools with methodological materials that will help to develop student entrepreneurship competencies through the PE model.
  3. To enhance applicability and facilitate transferability of the project innovative approach through the provision of a set of recommendations, strategies and piloting implementation practices.

According to objective 1, the Framework of Practice Enterprise model for general education school students aged 12-15 will be created using the INSPIRE strategy adaption.

According to objective 2, pedagogical materials for PE trainers and trainees will be created.

According to objective 3, PE trainers and students will be trained, PEs will be established and /or developed, the pedagogical material will be piloted and evaluated in the involved schools and according to pilot results, the final Practice Enterprise model for general education school students aged 12-15 will be created.

The Project Outcomes:

So far, the first two objectives have been achieved. The project consortium has developed:

IMPEET Competency Framework EN

IMPEET Handbook for Practice Enterprise Trainers EN

IMPEET Practice Kit for Students EN

IMPEET Practice Enterprise Model EN

IMPEET Competency Framework DE

IMPEET Handbook for Practice Enterprise Trainers DE

IMPEET Practice Kit for Students DE

IMPEET Practice Enterprise Model DE

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