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About network

KoreaPEN is the Korean central office of PEN Worldwide, which provides a global network platform and services to establish, operate and expand Practice Enterprise in South Korea. KoreaPEN's history goes back to the end of 2011 and first PE activities started in 2013 mentored by the German Central Office. As of 2019, KoreaPEN established more than 20 Practice Enterprises in different high schools and universities in South Korea.

Operating in the country since: 2012

Member of PEN Worldwide since: 2017

Number of Practice Enterprises: 20

  • Upper Secondary
  • University
  • Job Seekers
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CONTACT information

2F, 54 Seoulsup-gil, Seoungdong-gu
Seoul 04766
South Korea
T: +82 2 323 8523
Email: mjkim@koreapen.org
Web address:

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