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VE is an educational non-profit transforming students into business professionals by bringing the workplace into the classroom. Since its inception in 1996, VE has served over 140,000 students, including many from economically disadvantaged communities.

VE’s team includes a community of educators, business leaders, and post-secondary partners who help guide our mission. We currently support over 15,000 students across 19 states each year.

Our mission is to transform students through authentic business experiences that prepare them for fulfilling, financially secure futures. VE works with schools and districts to implement a year-long, credited class that provides students with an authentic, collaborative business and entrepreneurship experience through its live global business simulation model.

Operating in the country since: 1997

Member of PEN Worldwide since: 1999

Number of Practice Enterprises: 507

Target groups:

  • Vocational Education
  • Secondary Education

CONTACT information

122 Amsterdam Avenue
New York, NY 10023

T: +1 212 769 27 10
Email: info@veinternational.org

Web address:

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