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The first Practice Enterprise to emerge outside the European soil was founded in Quebec City in 1995. In the months and years that followed, several other Practice Enterprises sprung up across Quebec and Canada, making it necessary to come together in a network. In 1998, the Canadian Practice Enterprise Network (CPEN) was founded. Today there are 30 Practice Enterprises: 22 in the employability sector whose clientele is job seekers and 8 pedagogical Practice Enterprises in colleges and university, for students.

The CPEN is officially recognized by Emploi-Québec as an employability partner, as signed in the «Protocol of recognition between Emploi-Québec and its employability partners».

Since 1995 we have reached more then 50,000 job seekers and students, helping them reach their full potential. We aim to reach and inspire more people in the future in this ever-changing workplace and world economy.

Operating in the country since: 1995

Member of PEN Worldwide since: 1997

Number of Practice Enterprises: 30

Target groups:

  • Vocational Education
  • University
  • Job Seekers
  • Mixed
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CONTACT information

533, Ontario East St.
Montreal (Quebec), H2L 1N8

T: +1 514 508 1620
Email: direction@rcee-cpfn.ca

Web address:

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