Bulgarian International Practice Enterprise Trade Fair – TF FEST 2023

BUCT, the Bulgarian Central Office for Practice Enterprises is excited to share the TF FEST 2023 Program:

  • Presentation of the practice enterprises
  • Direct business negotiations and deals
  • Exchanges of experience
  • Annual meeting of the Bulgarian Youth Business Leaders Forum
  • Annual awards of Academy “Corporate Social Responsibility”

Further information on competitions, judging criteria and regulations will be published on the BUCT website by 31. January 2023.
Some of the competitions will have a preliminary phase and the deadline for each competition might be different. Please make sure to respect the deadlines provided.
Practice Enterprises will have to register for participation as exhibitors by filling an on-line registration form via the TF FEST Event Website by 28. February 2023.

Please visit the TF Fest Event Website to check the fair regulations.

If you have any question, please contact fair@buct.org for more information.

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